Camp Words Unspoken is a educational fun-filled experience for youths and teens who stutter to come together, to create memories and to foster friendships that can last a lifetime!!


Youths and teens who stutter will come together in Pittsfield, MA  for a fun, interactive therapeutic learning experience, in a positive and friendly recreational environment. Camp Words Unspoken is a program specifically suited for youths and teens between the ages of 8 and 18 who stutter.

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Important Dates

Camp dates:

August 2023       

Arrival: 1:00 pm 

Departure: 2:00 pm

Registration Deadline: July 1st                  

Speech-Language Pathologists

Camp Words Unspoken Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) are licensed and ASHA certified therapists who treat stuttering and other fluency disorders. Our SLPs bring a vast and diverse knowledge base of stuttering from their work at Northeastern University, Southern Connecticut State University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Public Schools, private practices and more. 

These highly trained clinicians provide therapeutic stuttering interventions, opportunities for fluency strategy use, as well as supervision to clinical graduate students at CWU. 

Camp SLPs are onsite for the entire week and work with campers in activities to enhance communication self-awareness, self esteemconfidence building, peer relationships, team participation, and fluency management throughout the camp adventure experience. 

Graduate Students

Graduate students enrolled in accredited communication disorders program will engage in a unique learning environment with youths & teens who stutter, under the supervision of CWU speech-language pathologists. Graduate students can earn clinical hours as approved by their institution.


Attention!! Camp Words Unspoken is seeking motivated individuals to volunteer in a variety of activities for the campers and staff.

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Campers and Cabin Counselors live comfortably in air-conditioned, cabins with bathrooms containing of 2 private shower stalls, bathroom stalls, and sinks. Bunk beds have a thick mattresses to assure the campers sleep well! Every camper has their own storage space. Every cabin has a small outdoor deck.Visitors must bring their own bedding, towels and bathing supplies.

Camp Words Unspoken is hosted at Camp Winadu which consists of several buildings that spread out within a 100-acre area surrounded by the Pittsfield Sate Forest. Buildings include the main office, dining hall, multipurpose recreation hall, theater, camper cabins, private staff cabins and more. Our camp facility is conveniently located 2-3 hours from New York, Boston and the Connecticut border. It features a beautiful site on Lake Ononta, with a variety of local and on-site resources.

Meet Brandon, James and Lourdes

James McNaughton, executive director of Camp Words Unspoken

Brandon Towle

Founder & Director

James McNaughton

James McNaughton

Executive Director

Lourdes Ramos-Heinrichs

Clinical Director