We believe that every child deserves to live a life full of possibilities!

Camp Words Unspoken is an educational fun-filled experience for youths and teens who stutter to come together, to create memories and to foster friendships that can last a lifetime!!
Camp for kids that stutter

Camp Words Unspoken, founded in 2019, is a program for children who stutter. We offer our one-week overnight summer camp and year-round programs, to empower campers with the necessary skills to move forward with their lives. Through compassion, connection and activities, Camp Words Unspoken helps children embody a life full of hope and possibility.

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We give children who stutter experiences that change their lives forever

At Camp Words Unspoken, we ensure all of our campers feel accepted and supportive. Here campers can laugh and play by being themselves and not having something weigh them down at camp. Campers understand they are not alone.

The need is enormous

1 in 20 children will stutter by the age of 18.
That is 5% of all children.

Over the last few years, our demand for camp has increased significantly since COVID-19. Our 5-year goal is to double the number of children attending camp, expand our reach and resources to thousands more.
Camp Words Unspoken is comprised of a talented network of full time staff, camp directors, and board of directors, volunteers and licensed speech-language pathologists. Their knowledge and passion ensure that our campers have an exceptional experience at camp and beyond the bunk.

Our Programs

Summer Camp

We provide youths and teens who stutter with a transformative one-week overnight summer camp program.

Beyond the Bunk

The support from us extends beyond the bunk, all year-round with monthly zoom meet-ups.

Be there for children who stutter when they need us the most!

Impacting a world of happy and confident children takes many supportive people, especially when these individuals have endured challenges that leave them feeling alone. 

It’s up to all of us to be there for children who stutter.

Summer Camp Camp Activities for youths and teens who stutter
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