Graduate Students

Dates: August 18th-25th        Registration opens: February 1st

Rates: $600

Enrollment includes: Great camp style lodging, meals, training materials, all related activities and credit hours per your school.

How to register

We are seeking graduate students that have a passion for working with youths and teens and are furthering their education in the area of speech fluency. Interested students must have successfully completed a college level fluency course.

Each interested Graduate Student must register by April 1, 2023. All interested students are required to complete a contact form which is located on the contact us page. After completion an application link will be emailed to you to confirm your interest.

Each application will be carefully reviewed by CWU administration. Graduate students will be notified of acceptance into the camp program on or before May 1, 2023.

Camp Words Unspoken Orientation Workshop

Prior to the arrival of the campers, a one day mandatory session will be held for the entire camp staff, speech pathologists, graduate students and nurses.

Goals and objectives of the orientation workshop:

  • To gain a solid understanding of the camp philosophy to help foster a warm friendly environment for the campers
  • Encourage ideas to help strengthen the camps program
  • To identify expectations of what “you” want to benefit from the camp
  • To discuss hands-on strategies to assist campers in increasing fluency of speech
  • To discuss strategies of how to keep the campers engaged to bring out the best in each person
  • To review and understand safety requirements for the campers

Expectations of Graduate Students

  • Demonstrate leadership skills to help facilitate age appropriate fun speech activities for the campers to engage in;
  • Serve as a positive role model for the campers;
  • Connect with each camper at his or her own pace to help drive an increase in each campers self confidence level;
  • Understand each campers specific goals;
  • Conduct an incoming and outgoing assessment of speech fluency levels of each camper;
  • Engage campers in a fun learning atmosphere with consideration for their safety first.


Camp Words Unspoken was one of the most profound and impactful experiences of my educational career. It was an absolute joy to watch the kids grow and gain confidence. They taught me more about stuttering than any class could. This summer camp reminded me exactly why I want to be a speech-language pathologist and is something I will carry for the rest of my career!
Samantha – Graduate Student