I had a great time at camp. I met two very good friends. The obstacle course at the lake was my favorite part. It was nice to be around kids that are just like me.

Camper,  Age 11

What a terrific experience! My son went to Camp Words Unspoken this past summer. It was his first time away from home and it was beyond amazing. It was the first time he heard another child stutter and he was glad to not be the only one, like his experience at school.

The staff members were very professional and they went out of their way to make every family member comfortable, especially each camper. The program was well organized. It was a combination of confidence building skills, team building activities, speech support and plain old camp fun. The inflatable obstacle course was a favorite as well as the paddle boarding, basketball games, and campfire. My son made many friends and felt very comfortable with all of the caring counselors. My son and his buddies learned to become one with their stutter, not to see it as a negative, but to embrace it.

On our drive home, my son stated, “I’m going back again next summer!” He’s counting down the days.

Susan, Parent of a camper

Camp Words Unspoken is the best summer camp I ever went to! This was my first time meeting someone else who stutters. I felt accepted and made many new friends and loved the activities, especially the aqua park.
Camper, Age 12

I cannot say enough about the CWU experience for our whole family – this was absolutely incredible. We went into this camp thinking that my camper would get some extra speech therapy and meet some kids his age that stutter. We left camp realizing that his stutter isn’t something that needs to be ‘fixed’ but rather something that we as non-stutterers need to accept and become used to. The amount of support and celebration of the stuttering community that we experienced in our short times at CWU while dropping off and picking up was absolutely profound. It was emotional for us as parents to see all of these incredible people coming together to support my child and care for him. I am so thankful for CWU for giving my camper the beginnings of being confident in his stutter and learning to accept it and ‘make friends with it’. He is already looking forward to next year, as are we!

Shannon, Parent of a camper

I loved the activities, I loved my bunk, I loved everything!
Camper, Age 8

My experience at Camp Words Unspoken 2022 is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. The staff came together to build an amazing, supportive, fun, and celebratory community that lifted campers up and boosted their self-esteem. Campers also developed strong friendships with other youths who stutter and created lifelong memories through activities like scavenger hunts, talent shows, campfires, lakefront activities, and many others. Camp Words Unspoken is a life changing experience for everyone involved.

Gabe, Staff Member

Camp Words Unspoken helped me improve my confidence and showed me that anything is possible. I loved the evening activities, especially the talent show, where I was able to be myself around my peers who accept me. The staff members are wonderful and supportive and helped me be better prepared for high school.
Camper, Age 14

My grandson’s stay at Camp Words Unspoken, his first at a sleepover camp, was a very positive experience. When I picked him up at the end, he spent 15-20 minutes saying goodbye to his new friends, staying to talk with a few of them for several minutes. It was very emotional for me to watch him talk to others. I was thrilled to see him not only have those interactions, but actually initiate them. His mother and I have both noticed increased self-confidence and an upbeat attitude. Thank you for a great experience!

Grandmother of a camper

Camp Words Unspoken was amazing. I made a lot of new friends. The sports and activities were incredible. The staff was so kind. I really liked that I got a lot of speech time. I can’t wait to go back this summer.
Camper, Age 10

Camp Words Unspoken is just simply amazing. I would recommend it to any parent who has a child that stutters.

I was absolutely amazed by how beautiful the camp is. My son loved that he was able to run around and play baseball, football, and swim in the lake or pool. He is a picky eater and loved all the food. Especially the hot cocoa!

When we arrived we were immediately greeted by one of the volunteers who actually remembered my son’s name. She was kind, and comforting. This was my son’s first experience away from home and right away she eased his nervousness (and mine!)

My little guy loved his cabin, all his cabin mates and most of all his camp counselors. He had never met another person who stutters, but for him to see adults that have a stutter, that are confident and accepting, made such a huge difference in how he thinks about his speech. He is way more confident, even now, months later. He still sings his favorite song “we stutter loudly, we stutter proudly” – that the kids sang during closing ceremonies. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience! We were so proud of how far they all came in less than a week. They were so confident singing and really found a safe place with other kids and adults who understand them.

From a parent’s point of view, I cannot say enough great things about the founder, Brandon, and all the volunteers (especially Kunal) who went above and beyond well after the end of camp. The speech pathologists were also amazing. I spoke with Debbie on the phone, months after camp, when my son was having a little bit of a hard time. She gave me some wonderful insight and ways to help him when he is struggling.

Thank you to Brandon and all the volunteers. We look forward to coming back next year to see our CWU family!

Kyleen, Parent of a camper

People wanted to hear what I had to say and they actually waited for me to get my words out. I’ve never had an easier time making friends. At Camp Words Unspoken I felt accepted by everyone.
Camper,  Age 13

This is by far the best summer camp I have ever been to. Camp Words Unspoken is the only camp where I feel included, accepted and can bond with peers my age. I met many teen campers that are going through the same experiences I am, while we navigate our teen years. I loved the team building exercises, GPS Scavenger Hunt and Aqua Park. I am excited to return next summer.
Camper,  Age 16