700 Churchill St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Camp Words Unspoken is hosted at Camp Winadu which consists of several buildings that spread out within a 100-acre area surrounded by the Pittsfield Sate Forest. Buildings include the main office, dining hall, multipurpose recreation hall, theater, camper cabins, private staff cabins and more. Our camp facility is conveniently located 2-3 hours from New York, Boston and the Connecticut border. It features a beautiful site on Lake Ononta, with a variety of local and on-site resources.

Campers and Cabin Counselors live comfortably in air-conditioned, cabins with bathrooms containing of 2 private shower stalls, bathroom stalls, and sinks. Bunk beds have a thick mattresses to assure the campers sleep well!

Every camper has their own storage space. Every cabin has a small outdoor deck.

Visitors must bring their own bedding, towels and bathing supplies.

Mailing Address

Camp Words Unspoken LLC
PO Box 143
Westfield, MA 01085