Camp Words Unspoken

Brandon Towle

Brandon Towle

Brandon Towle, is the Founder & Director of Camp Words Unspoken. He received his Associates Degree in Business Administration from Holyoke Community College.

As a lifelong stutterer Brandon can easily relate to the challenges those face with dysfluent speech. Brandon would not be as fluent as he is today without a solid support system and hours of practice utilizing the strategies he has learned over the years. Brandon continues to redirect and channel his speech to help become a more fluent speaker.

Brandon over the years has held various leadership roles for both recreation and dysfluency camps. He enjoys playing basketball and golf in his free time. He currently resides in Westfield, MA.

Words From the Director....
“I believe through hard work and the use of various speech strategies you can make improvements in your fluency. Confidence and being comfortable with yourself are key factors that my program strives to bring out in each person. My staff and I will work closely with the campers to help reach their personal goals and to increase their level of confidence. We will ensure that the campers keep busy in a fun-filled environment. My hope is that each camper leaves with a lifetime of memorable moments during their stay with Camp Words Unspoken!”